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Ebay's been good to me [Sorry for the X-posting]

I publicly apologize if I was bidding against any of you on these items that I've won recently:

Glenn Branca's old band,
The Static:
Theoretical Record 7" (1995 Atavistic re-release, promptly has become out of print again)

Sonic Youth:
Warpower 7": (Bootleg: Markthalle, Hamburg "Teenage Riot" from April 2, 1989 and "Starpower" at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, November 9th, 1986)
Providence 7" (released on Blast First in 1989, Stereo on one side, Mono on the other)
Another Blast First release, a 33 1/3 that's a "NME's Hat-Trick" that has "White Kross" on it, among other things, ask me if you really want to know.
Sonic Youth/Erase Errata Split 7" ("Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Handcream"/"Glitter", 941 out of the 1500 print)
Little Trouble Girl 12" (Side B has the non-LP track "My Arena" and the edit for "The Diamond Sea" which should be lurking on old tape carts in the college radio station I work at)
Keychain/Bottle Opener with the cover-logo from "Dirty"
Sonic Youth's self-titled debut EP, the SST CD re-release from 1987

If you're confused as to who Glenn Branca is, you have some research to do. Trust me, the experience will be good for you and it's related to SY.
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